If you’re ready to experience tango in it’s own place, come with us. This is the best you can do for your tango!

It is our plan to put tango in your blood, so you can turn from human being to a Tango Being!!!

Buenos Aires is where the heart of Tango beats. Come with us, we’ll make you dance to its rhythm!

Buenos Aires Tango Nights

Join our Deepening and Metamorphosis Programs

February 2019

Dance with locals, very advanced and professional dancers who will be your personal assistants in lessons and milongas. Get to know some of the hottest practicas and milongas in its original place.

And remember: don’t accept copies! Being from Buenos Aires allows us to know all about it: places and people in general. This is why we can offer this unique service. Plus…we’ve been doing this for 15 years and improving it every time!

 The number of participants is limited , so Book your place via e-mail or thru the contact Form!!! ⇐

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The three main distinguishing characteristics that we’d like to point out are:

1- A clear pedagogy and progressive instruction that has proven to work for over a decade traveling around the world. This pedagogy is the result of our own practice and analysis.

2- Immersion: It has the right amount of hours of classes each day to learn new material and the sufficient amount of practice hours so you can integrate what you’ve learned into your dance.

3- The Assistants: Rotating super advanced tango dancers from Buenos Aires. Someone with a higher level of dance.

These 3 points are great when they stand alone, but working together they act powerfully on the student, exponentially raising the level of their dance.  So for us, there are no secrets. There is only good instruction and conscious practice. Practicing unconsciously will only reinforce your bad habits and accentuate what doesn’t work in your dance.  We believe that real learning requires conscious learning applied WITH training. We have put together a comprehensive and progressive program that will bring your dancing to your next level. We will give you the tools you need in order to acquire a logical way of thinking about the dance, so that you can therefore construct your OWN.



Includes 18 hours of Seminar with Patricie & Javier, devided as follows:

8 hs of our specific Tango Technique (90min per day)

10 hs of seminar with advanced local assistants (2hs per day)

And 5 milongas with the assistants! Because dancing at milongas with good dancers is the best way to get into the circle of local dancers.